Interstate Plastic

Interstate Plastic, Inc. has been manufacturing pipe of the highest quality in the same beautiful Post Falls, ID location since 1963. In December 2012 we began manufacturing all of our pressure pipe and tubing from PE4710 thus continuing a fifty year tradition of offering not only the finest customer service but also the toughest, highest quality pressure pipe and tubing bar none.

The numbers in PE4710 have a meaning. The first number signifies density (3 and 4 are both high density), the second resistance to slow crack growth, and the last two factor into the pipe’s pressure rating. The 10 in PE4710 is 25% larger than the 08 in PE3408 which is why the pressure rating is 25% greater given the same wall thickness.

The 7 in PE4710 should be of utmost importance to anybody who buries pipe in the ground because it signifies a fifty fold increase in slow crack growth resistance over PE3408. Pipe service life is largely determined by resistance to slow crack growth.

Pipe For Fittings

ASTM D-2239
1/2" to 3", 100 psi to 250 psi

For a given nominal diameter, pipe made for fittings will have the same inside diameter regardless of pressure rating. On the low pressure end, our pipe is perfect for sprinkling and turf applications. On the high pressure end, our pipe is used in municipal systems.

Fusible Pipe

ASTM D-3035
3/4" to 3", 160 psi to 333 psi

For a given nominal diameter, HDPE fusible pipe will have the same outside diameter regardless of pressure rating.

Copper Tube Size

ASTM D-2737

Tubing designed to mate with copper tube using copper tube size (CTS) compression couplings. All tubing is SDR-9 and rated for 250 psi.

Drip Irrigation


Flexible tubing designed for low pressure drip irrigation systems.